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A new age is coming - the age of empowering everyone with relevant and actionable information.
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Identify Data Relationships
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Obtain Actionable Results with ZERO Installation!
We quickly transform your unstructured item data into clustered relationships to identify cost reduction opportunities, drive product recommendations, or directly promote relevant items in seconds!
Visually navigate the BIG PICTURE Fast!
We can quickly and interactively find key relationships within your clustered data
Then... Simply export selected bubble content for further analysis and discussion.
available market alternatives
Stop Missing Profit Opportunities!
It has never been easier to identify the actionable information hidden within your data!
How much money has been wasted by not optimizing current purchase options,
or looking at commercially available alternatives?
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Available Market Alternatives
Sample Function w/ Lower Cost!
better product recommendations
Start Promoting Profit Opportunities!
Help customers quickly locate similar products that are in your best interest to promote!
Products to Recommend
Better Customer Value... More Profitable!
How it works!
100% Cloud-Based
Everything done using your Web Browser!
Send us a CSV File
A standard Comma Separated Value (CSV) file is all that is required!

These can be easily exported from a Spreadsheet or Database.
Define your Goals!
Simply tell us about your
Clustering Requirements using:

Tolerances (linear or percentage),
All Data Values,
Value Groupings,
or any combination thereof...
Review / Download the Results!
We will execute your Clustering Goal(s), then you download the results!
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